Hydraulic feedback sucker rod pump

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Hydraulic feedback sucker rod pump is composed of two pumps with different pump diameters in series.

It is suitable for cold recovery of heavy oil with viscosity below 4000mpa · s, thermal recovery of heavy oil with single well steam huff and puff, and oil well with low viscosity but frequent fracture.

Hydraulic feedback and anti-corrosion pump adopts stainless steel valve cover and cemented carbide valve pair, the corrosion resistance and stab resistance of the oil well pump are enhanced.

It is suitable for heavy oil well with high salinity and easy corrosion.


1.Using the principle of hydraulic feedback, a downward thrust is generated during the down stroke to help the plunger overcome the resistance of heavy oil and sucker rod falling, and reduce the breakage of the sucker rod.

2. The pump has no fixed valve, no oil drain is needed downhole, and the plunger can be lifted out of the pump barrel to achieve steam injection or oil drain.

3. Steam injection thermal recovery, forward and reverse well flushing and sand flushing can also be performed without moving the pipe string. The operation is convenient, and the operation cost is reduced.

Model 25-175/150THFK






Nominal Diameter(mm) 44.5/38.1 57.2/38.1 69.9/44.5
Stroke(m) 1.8~7.3
Tubing size (in) 2 7/8 3 1/2
Sucker rod size (in) 3/4 7/8
Pump constant (K) 1.642 2.052 3.283
Max. O.D. (mm) 89.5 108



1.Adopting the principle of hydraulic feedback to generate downward thrust during the downstroke of plunger, which can help the plunger overcome the resistance between the heavy oil and the sucker rod, reducing the breakage of sucker rod.
2.This pump doesn’t have standing valve, so oil drain is not needed in downhole. Oil draining or steam injection can be achieved once remove the plunger.
3.Steam injection of thermal recovery, wells flushing & back flushing, and sand flushing can be achieved without lifting the pipe string. The convenient operation will greatly reduce the operation cost.

1.When the viscosity of crude oil is less than 4000mPa.S, the pump can be used for production without reducing viscosity.

2.Suitable for thermal recovery production of heavy oil wells with steam injection. Sand cut is supposed to be less than 0.1% and shall has low gas cut.

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