Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment

Sanjack Petro manufacture Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment in China. We have our own factory ofModular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment for you. Contact us now for Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment quotation.

  • 25 years Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment manufacturing experience
  • The strictest quality standards on Modular Mobile Profile Control (Polymer Injection) Equipment
  • Full support on your customised requirement

The series of complete equipment is developed to complete even dispersing of such dry powder as polymer, active high polymer, cationic polymer, pre-crosslinked agent, mixture of polymer and pre-crosslinked agent, and starch in water solution, mixed liquor storage, agitating and maturation, constant-pressure charging of mother solution, addition of liquid chemicals (surfactant and sulphonate etc) to the matured mother solution, and pressurized injection to underground of mixed liquid, etc, based on the principle of satisfying most of the application conditions, increasing the use rate of equipment, and higher ratio of performance to cost in accordance with customer’s operating requirements for developing mobile profile control and mobile polymer injection for small blocks.
The set equipment mainly consists of one skid-mounted room type water jet flow dispersing and dissolving device, three mother solution storage-maturation buffer tank, one chemical adding module, one liquid constant-pressure feeding and pressurized injection skid, high and low pressure process connection hose, power supply cable, distribution cabinet and automation control system. The whole set of the equipment can be easily assembled and dismantled.

  • Reasonable process layout, compact structure, high automation degree
  • First patented product can be applied as a complete set or separately
  • Single-well water plugging profile control
  • Injection of cold production agent for single-well
  • Block chemical flooding
  • Injection of chemicals for assisting steam flooding
  • Mobile injection of polymers

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