Oilfield steam boiler

Sanjack has developed new series of mobile on-board and skid-mounted steam injection boilers with evaporation of 9.2~30t/h and working pressure of 17.2~26MPa. According to the different requirements of customers, energy-saving, ultra-high pressure and environmental protection steam injection boilers are designed. Sanjack has rich experience in oil field steam injection boiler manufacturing and can produce various types of high quality boilers.

  • High-dryness Steam Injection Boiler.
  • Superheated Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Produced-water Oilfield Steam Generator.
  • Desulfurization and Denitrification Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Supercritical Oilfield Steam Injection Boiler

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High Dryness

The dryness of steam can over 90% after adding the steam-water separator during process.

High Heat Efficiency

Applied dryness and flue gas oxygen control technology can guarantee the heat efficiency stable operation, the heat efficiency can reach more than 90%.

Supercritical Pressure

The maximum working pressure of steam injection boiler can reach 26Mpa.

Unattended Operation

Automatically adjusting fire and quantity and guaranteeing constant dryness, so as to realize unattended operation.

oilfield steam boiler
  • Environment Protection.
  • Unattended Operation
Supercritical Steam Boiler
  • Working Pressure 26Mpa.
  • Rated steam temperature: 390℃.
High-dryness Steam Boiler
  • Steam Dryness:>85%.
  • Rated steam temperature:390℃.
Superheated Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Steam Superheat:≥5℃.
  • Boiler thermal efficiency:≥91%.
Produced-water Oilfield Steam Generator
  • Oilfield produced water as a source
  • Environment protection
Desulfurization and Denitrification Boiler
  • Eu Emission Standards
  • Desulfurization efficiency: 90%.
Water Treatment Device
  • Rated water yield: 15m³/h.
  • Ratio of yield to intake: ≥90%

Sanjack has been developing the leading producer of oil field steam injection boiler (wet steam generator) since 2011 and has acquired the qualification of Class A1 boiler manufacturing in 2012. At present, the annual production capacity is 50 sets. The company adheres to independent innovation, continuously improves product design concepts and improves manufacturing level, adjusts and optimizes product structure, deepens comprehensive performance of products in safety, environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption, high intelligence, and humanization, and develops a series of leading international high-end steam injection boiler products with new technologies.

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Oilfield Steam Boiler: The Complete Guide for Importers and Buyers

How to improve the defects of the fixed steam injection boiler in use?

Oilfield Steam boiler, also known as wet steam generator, is a professional steam injection equipment for heavy oil production in oil field. It uses the produced high-temperature and high-pressure wet steam to inject into the oil well to heat the crude oil in the reservoir to reduce the viscosity of heavy oil, so as to increase the fluidity of heavy oil and greatly improve the recovery of heavy oil.

It is a horizontal once-through water tube boiler, which is designed as a liquid (gas) combustion type. It uses the heat energy released by fuel combustion to heat a certain amount of water into wet saturated steam or superheated steam with a certain pressure, temperature, and dryness.

heavy oil thermal recovery

The superheated oilfield steam injection boilers in the existing technology are all fixed steam injection boilers. At present, there are the following problems in the use process:

(1) The superheated steam injection filter must be fixed and installed on the steam injection site by using the civil engineering foundation, and the position is relatively fixed and can’t be moved at will; the supporting steam injection pipe network is also a fixed steam injection pipeline system, so the steam injection boiler and steam injection pipe network can’t be moved easily;

in order to change the steam injection location, the civil foundation of the boiler needs to be remade in the new steam injection site, and the steam injection pipe network also needs to be laid again, resulting in high cost of use;

(2) When the fixed steam injection boiler is installed in place, the steam pipe inside the boiler body needs to be reconnected and welded, resulting in the increase of installation cost;

(3) the fixed steam injection boiler cannot be used in the steam injection wells which are relatively scattered and far away from the well site, so it can’t meet the needs of various environments.

fixed steam injection boilers

In view of the above problems, Sanjack company invented a superheated steam injection boiler to alleviate the technical problems in the existing technology, such as the high installation cost and unable to meet the requirements of various environments used by using the fixed steam injection boiler.


The superheated boiler comprises a mobile device, a boiler body, and a steam-water separator skid; the mobile device is connected with the boiler body, and the boiler body is detachably connected with the steam-water separator skid so that the boiler body and the steam water separator skid can be transported separately; when the boiler is in operation, the boiler body and the steam-water separator skid are connected as a whole.

When it is necessary to transfer the steam injection well site, the boiler body is transported and transferred by mobile device, and the steam water separator skid is transported and transferred by vehicles. It can alleviate the technical problems existing in the prior art, such as high use cost, high installation cost, and inability to meet the use in a variety of environments; The installation and use of the mobile superheated steam injection boiler are realized, which makes the superheated steam injection boiler easy to be popularized and used.

 superheated steam injection boiler

100 mobile device;

200 boiler body;

201 combustion radiation structure;

211 burner; 221 radiation pipe section;

202 overheat structure;

203 boiler shell;

204 convection pipe section;

205 heat exchanger;

206 high pressure pump;

207 high pressure pipeline;

300 steam water separator skid;

301 steam water separator body;

302 liquid level control device;

400 mixing device;

401 Spray Water Desuperheater;

402 outlet valve


Specific embodiments

As shown in Fig. 1-fig. 3, the superheated oilfield steam injection boiler provided in this embodiment includes: mobile device 100, boiler body 200 and steam water separator skid 300;

The mobile device 100 is connected with the boiler body 200, and the boiler body 200 is detachably connected with the steam water separator skid 300, so that the boiler body 200 and the steam water separator skid 300 can be transported respectively.


It should be noted that the superheated boilers in the prior art all adopt fixed steam injection boilers. Due to the limitations of the application environment of the fixed steam injection boiler, it can not meet the existing flexible use environment.

The superheated steam injection boiler provided in this embodiment, when the superheated steam injection boiler is in overall operation, The first whole formed by the boiler body 200 and the mobile device 100 and the two parts formed by the steam water separator skid 300 form a whole by detachable sealing connection;

When it is necessary to transfer the steam injection well pad, the connecting part between the two parts is disassembled, the boiler body 200 uses the mobile device 100 to realize road transportation / transfer through the mounted vehicle head, and the steam water separator skid 300 is transported / transferred by vehicles.


Alternatively, the mobile device 100 can adopt a variety of ways, such as a vehicle body with a box or a flat trailer. Preferably, the mobile device 100 adopts a flat trailer, and the boiler body 200 is fixedly connected to the flat trailer. When transportation and transfer are required, the transportation of the boiler body 200 can be completed by connecting the front of the vehicle with the mobile device 100.

steam injection boiler

oilfield steam generator








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