Sudan has huge oil reserves, with proven oil reserves of 66* 108bbL in 2010.
oilfield steam boiler Sudan
To develop its oil industry, Sudan has introduced a series of preferential policies to encourage investment.

These policies attract Chinese investment in Sudan.

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, China has gradually formed a complete oil industry in Sudan, integrating production, refining, transportation, and sales.

The cooperation between China and Sudan in the oil field is a successful example of China’s “go global” strategy in Africa.

It brings Millions of tons of oil and stable oil supply channels to China every year, and also greatly promotes the economic development of Sudan.

SANJACK has maintained good long-term cooperation with CNPC. With the expansion of CNPC’s oil and gas development business in Sudan,

SANJACK’s gas injection boilers have also been successfully exported to Sudan’S PE oil field.

SANJACK sent engineers to assist customers in the installation, commissioning, and operation of gas injection boilers, and trained field operators for two months until they were able to operate steam injection independently.

PE oilfield steam injection site

oilfield steam injection site

Oilfield Steam Injection Training

oilfield steam injection training