Oilfield steam boiler

The Oilfield Steam Boiler is a Once Through Steam Generators with a forced circulation rate of 1. The pressure of medium flow is generated from the plunger pump. This steam injection boiler is mainly used for heavy oil recovery and extra-heavy oil recovery. Oilfield steam generator can be used for heavy oil CSS and steam drive. Steam injection for oil recovery is to inject saturated steam into the oil layer to heat the oil layer, so as to reduce the viscosity of heavy oil, make it easy to flow, and promote the heavy oil flow to oil wells.
Sanjack has rich experience in oil field steam injection boiler manufacturing and can produce various types of high quality boilers.

  • High-dryness Steam Injection Boiler
  • Superheated Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Produced-water Oilfield Steam Generator
  • Desulfurization and Denitrification Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Supercritical Oilfield Steam Injection Boiler

Since 1986, the Sanjack Petro’s former has obtained the qualification for manufacturing Class I and II pressure vessels.

Now the SANJACK ‘s special equipment has the national A2 level (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ) pressure vessel manufacturing qualification; D-level pressure vessel design qualification; A-level boiler manufacturing, installation, alteration, repair & maintenance qualification.

The main products under pressure include various pressure vessels for the oilfield and chemical industry:

1)Oilfield steam injection boiler (OTSG);

2)Water treatment for steam injection boilers;

3)Steam injection boiler supporting compensator, manifolds, etc.

Basic information of OTSG

Oilfield steam injection boiler, also known as wet steam generator, is a special steam injection equipment for heavy oil exploitation in oilfields. It uses the heat generated by the combustion of gas or oil to heat water and vaporizes it, so that high temperature and high-pressure wet steam is injected into the oil well, and the crude oil in the oil layer is heated to reduce the viscosity of the heavy oil, thereby increasing the fluidity of the heavy oil, which can greatly improve the recovery of heavy oil.

1.Basic Structure

Oilfield Steam Boiler mainly consists of the combustion system, water procedure and power systems and control systems. Sanjack oilfield steam boiler adopts direct current and forced circulation mode, without pot and has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, high automation and quick start and stop.

oilfield steam boiler structure

2.Main Components

The main components of Sanjack boiler are selected from domestic and foreign well-known brands, with reliable quality and excellent performance, and these parts can also be chosen according to customer requirements.

oilfield steam generator components

3.Accessory Equipment

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the team injection boiler in oil field, the boiler has a large number of accessory equipment. Sanjack’s oilfield steam generator accessory equipment adopts integrated and modular design, which can perfectly match the boiler and give full play to the boiler’s maximum energy efficiency.

oilfield indirect steam generator accessory equipment

4.Basic Technical Parameters:

  1. Rated evaporation: 9.2, 11.5, 15, 18, 23, 30t/h
  2. Rated working pressure: 17.2, 21, 26MPa
  3. Design thermal efficiency: fuel oil: ≥91%; fuel gas: ≥92%
  4. Fuel used: crude oil/natural gas
  5. The total pressure drop of the boiler: ≤4.0 MPa (under rated conditions)
  6. Load change rate: When the load changes from 50% to 100%, the boiler operates normally and safely, and can realize the simultaneous tracking of water and fire.
  7. Rated dryness or superheat: 80%, 85%, 90%, superheat 5-23℃
  8. Control mode: PLC + touch screen + industrial computer, and can realize manual operation, need to set the compound automation remote transmission interface standard.
  9. Loading method: mobile vehicle; fixed skid


In just a few years, ANJACK’s oilfield steam injection boiler quickly occupied shengli oilfield, China, market and quickly spread in China’s major oilfields. Oilfield steam injection boiler has the following advantages.

  • High Dryness

The dryness of steam can reach 100% after adding the steam-water separator during process.

  • Anti-Scaling

High dryness steam heat absorption is conducted in convection section and there will be no scaling It has good heat transfer effect and is safe to operate.

  • High Heat Efficiency

Applied dryness and flue gas oxygen control technology can guarantee the heat efficiency stable operation, the heat efficiency can reach more than 90%.

  • Environment Protection

High dryness section can reduce exhausting gas temperature to meet the national environment protection requirement

  • Unattended Operation

A mathematical model is set up on the basis of heat balance, automatically adjusting fire and quantity and guaranteeing constant dryness, so as to realize unattended operation.

The technical parameters of the boiler (take 11.5t/h subcritical boiler as an example):
Rated evaporation: 11.5t/h
Rated working pressure: 21MPa
Rated working temperature: 370℃
Operating steam dryness: 70~85%
Fuel: crude oil/natural gas
Boiler thermal efficiency: ≥91% (fuel oil)/92% (fuel gas)
Operating exhaust temperature: 170~200℃ (fuel oil)/110~140 ℃ (gas)

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