1) Due to the high investment cost of steam injection boilers,

it is necessary to choose manufacturers with relevant boiler and pressure vessel qualifications and ASME production qualifications.

2) Since the steam injection boiler belongs to the whole package of the thermal recovery industry, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a strong and complete design and manufacture capacity.

In addition to the production capacity of the main body of the boiler, other components’ designing and manufacturing capability such as water treatment, surface insulated pipelines, and downhole VIT pipes should also be considered as the main factors.

3) The manufacture should have complete after-sales guidance installation service system.

Regarding the usage and service nature of the steam injection boiler, the after-sales service capability of the manufacturer is also one of the important factors that must be considered before purchasing the boiler.

4) The manufacturer must have rich domestic and overseas sales and service experience.

Due to the differences in geology, well conditions, water quality and site conditions in different regions,

the manufacturer’s rich sales experience can help users save costs and avoid many unnecessary risks in the operation of the steam injection boiler.

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