Produced-water Oilfield Steam Generator

Sanjack has been developing the leading product of oilfield steam injection boiler (wet steam generator) since 2011 and has acquired the qualification of Class A1 boiler manufacturing in 2012. At present, the annual production capacity is 50 sets.

  • Sanjack has developed new series of mobile on-board and skid-mounted steam injection boilers with evaporation of 9.2~30t/h and working pressure of 17.2~26MPa.
  • According to the different requirements of customers, energy-saving, ultra-high pressure and environmental protection boiler types are designed.
  • Including high-dryness Oilfield steam generator, supercritical one-through steam generator, oilfield produced water oilfield heat boiler, all-polished rod oilfield steam injection boiler, desulfurization and denitrification steam injection boiler.

Produced water refers to the water produced with crude oil from oil wells.

The produced water usually contains oil, salt, mechanical impurities, dissolved oxygen and saprophytic bacteria and so on, causing pollution to oilfields and the surrounding environment.

After treatment, it can be refilled into the oil layer or used as the water source of the gas injection boiler.

Water Treatment System

According to customer requirements, SanJack adopts advanced water treatment technology and successfully develops Produced-water Oilfield Steam Boiler using produced-water as water source.

We have designed the air float oil removal unit to remove oil in produced water in the water treatment device of the oilfield produced-water boiler.

Then replace the strong acid removal resin with weak acid resin and increase the treatment stage to eliminate hardness; afterward, the qualified boiler for produced water treatment is supplied with water through ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

Produced Water Treatment Equipment

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Water Quality Comparison of Produced Water Steam Injection Boiler

The comparison between the above two tables shows that the requirement for raw water is greatly relaxed by produced water treatment.

Except for PH value, each index is relaxed 4 times to 2000 times.

More than 60% of produced water produced in oil field is within the scope of treatment and reuse.

Through design improvement of boiler, the index for steam injection water production is also slightly relaxed under the premise of ensuring safe operation of boiler.

Steam Injection Boiler System

Produced Water Steam Injection Boiler mainly add suspended matter separation device, energy recovery system and convection section monitoring system. By checking the temperature changes, judge the scaling condition of furnace pipe and eliminate the hazards in time.

Improve boiler’s suitability for produced water:

1). Separate suspended matter generated with high temperature, avoid corrosion and scouring under scale, and increase heat recovery;

2). Increase inlet water temperature and exceed dew point temperature of flue gas, so as to avoid condensation of water vapor in flue gas on finned tube in convection section and cause low temperature corrosion of pipe;

3). Centralize condensate in flushable and replaceable parts. Sedimentation is suitable for produced water operation.

Produced-water Oilfield Steam Generator Parameter

1). Rated evaporation:       15t/h

2). Rated working pressure:  21MPa

3). Steam temperature:      370 C

4). Rated steam dryness:     >85%

5). Thermal efficiency:       >90%)

6). Combustion mode:       dual use of oil and gas

7). Control Mode:           PLC+Touch Screen+Industrial Computer

8). Loading mode:          Skid-mounted and on-board


Water Treatment System Parameter


1). Oil content:    <2mg/L

2). Turbidity:      <5mg/L

3). Hardness:     <0.1mg/L

4). Mineralization: <4000mg/L

5). Fe2+:         <0.5mg/L

6). PH:             7.5~9

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