For customers who are currently using or have used steam injection boilers, they generally know what model and detailed specs they need for the new steam injection boiler;

but for clients who can’t provide specific boiler models, Please follow up the following parameters:

1). Please inform us key specs for needed steam injection boiler, such as: evaporation capacity T/H or MMBTU/H, Working pressure value, steam dryness requirement, feeding water quality, burning fuel, truck mounted or fixed, etc.

2). The required production Standard, ASME or China national standard.

3). If have equipment configuration list. (If need water treatment equipment, all the tanks, injection pipeline, switching house, etc.

4). If has special brand requirements. (Such as the brand of burner, piston pump, compressor, valves and instruments and etc.

Then the qualified manufacture will make the suitable technical configuration list for you.

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