thermal recovery solutions albania

Sanjack has a strong overall supporting capacity for thermal recovery and is committed to providing customers with one-stop thermal recovery solutions.

Sanjack can provide customers with a complete set of thermal recovery equipment from above-ground steam injection boilers to underground thermal recovery pumps.

Customers can provide thermal mining requirements, Sanjack can design a complete set of thermal mining solutions and product portfolio according to customer requirements, to provide one-stop thermal mining services for customers.

complete sets of thermal recovery solutions

Sanjack provides one-stop thermal recovery solutions for Bankers Oilfield in Albania, including steam injection boilers, water treatment devices, thermal wellhead, VIT&VIC, injection & recovery pumps, thermal packers and pumping units.

1). Oilfield steam generator and Desulfurization and decarbonization unit

oilfield steam generator

2). Vehicular Water Treatment Devices

vehicular water treatment devices

3). Pumping Unit in Thermal Recovery

pumping unit in thermal recovery

4). Thermal Wellhead

thermal oil recovery wellhead and christmas tree


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