Why should we choose Sanjack as our supplier

1). Since 1986, Sanjack has successively obtained the manufacturing qualification of various pressure vessels and boilers, including national A2 Class I, II, III Group pressure vessels, A Class boiler, and ASME U&S Certificate etc.

2). Besides the rich designing and producing experience on boiler,

Sanjack is the rare company who also can design and manufacture […]

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How to choose the correct oilfield steam injection boiler manufacturer

1) Due to the high investment cost of steam injection boilers,

it is necessary to choose manufacturers with relevant boiler and pressure vessel qualifications and ASME production qualifications.

2) Since the steam injection boiler belongs to the whole package of the thermal recovery industry, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a strong and […]

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How to choose the correct steam injection boiler model for my needs

For customers who are currently using or have used steam injection boilers, they generally know what model and detailed specs they need for the new steam injection boiler;

but for clients who can’t provide specific boiler models, Please follow up the following parameters:

1). Please inform us key specs for needed steam injection boiler, such as: […]

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