shengli oilfield

In the 1980s, chemical flooding technology reached its peak in the United States.

In the following 20 years, chemical flooding technology was used less and less in the United States.

But it has been successfully used in China’s Shengli oilfield.

The chemical flooding technology of Shengli Oilfield in China has represented the world’s advanced level.

The polymer flooding technology was put into industrial application in 1996.

During the tenth five-year Plan period, Daqing Oilfield formed the “alkali + polymer + surfactant” dual compound flooding technology, and Shengli Oilfield formed the “polymer + surfactant” non-alkali dual compound flooding technology.

At present, Shengli Oilfield has carried out the laboratory research and field test of “alkali + polymer + surfactant + natural gas” foam compound flooding.

Mobile Chemical Flooding Mixing and Injection Station

Sanjack has committed to the development of tertiary recovery technology and equipment since 1996.

Sanjack has developed a large number of high-tech tertiary recovery equipment and mechatronics products which gained several national patents and has been sold to major domestic oilfields.