Direct Connection Vacuum insulated tubular

Sanjack Petro manufactures Direct connection Vaccum insulation tubing in China. We have our own factory of Direct connection Vaccum insulation tubing. Sanjack Petro provides the high quality and competitive price on Direct connection Vaccum insulation tubing for you. Contact us now for Direct connection Vaccum insulation tubing quotation.

  • Direct Connection Vaccum Insulation Tubing has the lowest heat loss.
  • The Vaccum Insulation Tubing is directly connected without a coupling.
  • Integral Joint has the best insulation performance.

Without couplings, which is main reason of heat loss, Direct connection adopts Integral Joint type connection with both pin end and box end. Therefore, among of all connections, Integral Joint has best to insulation performance.

Vacuum insulated tubing pipe has a wide range of applications, currently the main application areas:

1. Heavy oil thermal recovery (steam stimulation, steam flooding).

2. Cold production of high condensate oil.

3. Brine well recovery and geothermal recovery.

4. Ground transportation.

5. Other working conditions that require insulation of the medium.

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