Double-plunger valve downhole pump

Double-plunger valve downhole oil pump is SanJack’s national patent product. Double plunger downhole pump is sanJack’s national patent product, the unique double plunger structure can effectively extend the service life of the artificial lift downhole pump, and suitable for cold recovery of heavy oil.

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All-metal, heavy-oil tubing Fluid‑Packed pump maximizes flow area throughout the pump.

Increased fluid passage (up to 44 percent) improves pump filling and plunger fall, for higher production of heavy oil.

Downhole rod pump combines heavy-duty construction with the largest bore possible for any given tubing size to maximize production.

The one-piece barrel eliminates joints prone to failure under working loads and is precision honed from end to end to ensure a perfect bore for the plunger and to maximize pumping efficiency.

Features, advantages and benefits of these pumps include:

  • Maximize the flow area of the entire pump, and through the designed stroke,

Optimize the efficiency of heavy oil recovery.

  • Heavy-wall, one-piece barrel with special barrel couplings provides a positive seal

and superior assembly strength and rigidity to perform in the harshest environments.

  • Full-barrel, stroke-through design has the largest possible bore for any tubing

size to maximize production.

The Components are available in a variety of materials, so the pump can

Tailored for any environment to obtain maximum cost efficiency and pump life.


  • Various special pump accessories expand the scope of application of the pump

Provide greater versatility, adaptability and value.


1)Can achieve cold production at 50 ℃ and crude oil viscosity within 4000mpa.s.

2)Suitable for wells with gas-oil ratio lower than 800;

3)Can be used in wells that with a slant degree less than 40°.


Type Size Parameters
Basic Dia., in
Plunger Length,ft
Barrel Length,ft
Tubing Size Rod Size Pump Constant
Double-plunger valve pump 25-175 1.75(44.45) Standard Lengths are: 2ft (0.61m) to 24ft(7.32m) in 1ft(0.306m) increments. Standard Lengths are: 4ft (1.219m) t034ft(10.363m) in 1ft(0.305m) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 2.235
25-225 2.25(57.15) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 3.694
30-275 2.75(69.85) 3 1/2 NU/EU 7/8in 5.518
40-325 3.25(82.55) 4 1/2 NU/EU 7/8in 7.707
40-375 3.75(95.25) 4 1/2 EU 1in 10.261

1)The traveling valve adopts a mechanical valve structure which will open/close with sucker rod going up and down.
2)The sealing function is separated from the stress of plunger, greatly prolonging the service life of the pump.
3)The plunger is of floating structure with self-repair function, which can prolong the service life of valves .

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