Polymer Dispersing and Dissolving Device

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The polymer dispersing and dissolving device is the key surface equipment used for tertiary recovery, which is mainly applied to achieve the objective of plugging and displacement of oil and increasing the recovery of oil reservoirs by mixing the stock solution of polymer to the design-required density and viscosity through post-treatment such as agitating and maturation after mixing the water with dry powder of water-soluble polymer as per required ratio and dissolving completely.

For the purpose of adapting to the needs of developing the tertiary recovery of Oilfield, the Center started developing the polymer dispersing and dissolving device in 1994. During development, the Center made innovative designs by widely absorbing the advanced technology applied to foreign and domestic similar products, and produced the first polymer dispersing and dissolving device and the matching electric automation control system in 1996 on our own through constant improvement, which was applied to Gudao Oil Production Plant of Shengli Petroleum Administration and was popularized gradually due to excellent application effect. In 1999, the Center was granted with First Prize of Scientific Technology Progress by Shengli Petroleum Administration. During popularization of the products, the Center has been making constant improvement by perfecting and optimizing the design according to the user’s requirements and field application. As a result, the comprehensive performance of the product is in a leading position in the foreign and domestic similar device and presently a series of products have been developed, including mixing capacities of 20m3/h, 30m3/h, 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 80 m3/h and 100m3/h. Furthermore, dozens of such device have been applied at site. In addition, the Center is capable of designing and producing custom-made products in accordance with the user’s special requirements.
Such device mainly consists of mechanical part and electric automation control system,The whole device adopts skid-mounted plate structure which facilitates mounting and debugging.

The dispersing unit mainly handles:
1.the lifting,
3.Accurate metering and delivery,
4.Gas lift and air charging,
5.Dispersing-wetting-dissolving of dry powder,
7.Agitating and timing maturation of mixed-ligand solution etc.
The core controller of automation control system of such device is applied with multiple high-performance Series FP PLCs from Japan Panasonic, which is provided with strong functions and flexible and reliable control features by constituting compact distributed control system through connecting to upper monitoring computer via C-NET network thus achieving automatic program control of full process from dry powder charging to automatic discharging of qualified mother solution. The upper industrial control computer and large screen are applied to constitute the monitoring system to achieve the animation analog display of overall system running with friendly and clean interface and the monitoring of running state of each part of the equipment in the control room, full automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm, and easy maintenance. The program for communicating the computer and PLC is designed precisely and is capable of communicating reliably and no communication interruption was found in the past years after being put into use. Thanks to high closed-loop regulating accuracy of charging water and in combination with personnel experiences and PID algorithm, the charging water can be stabilized within 1% of the given value in 10 seconds after starting-up. All of the software for the control unit is developed by our factory independently and the factory is entitled with the independent copyright.

  • Reasonable structure and beautiful appearance
  • Reliableoperation and accurate control
  • Achieves the leading level among foreign and domestic similar products
  • Automatic program control, animation analog display


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