Vacuum Insulation Tubing & Casing

  • Sanjack has 10 years’ history of VIT&VIC manufacturing experience
  • For conventional thermal recovery under 380℃ and supercritical environment of 400℃.
  • High vacuum ensures high insulation grade (D, E).
  • Advanced 3-level vacuum pump, automatic welding machine and online radiographic, magnetic particle inspection.
  • Sanjack is the professional Vacuum insulation tubing & casing Manufacturers.

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Advanced Production Equipment

Equipped with advanced equipment such as 3-level vacuum pump, automatic welding machine, and online radiographic to ensure high vacuum.

High Insulation Grade

85% of vacuum insulated tubing are grade E, and the rest are grade D.

Long Service Life

The insulated tubing can be used for more than 40 steam injection cycles.

Double Layer Insulation Coupling

Double-layer Insulation Coupling provides excellent insulation and reduces heat loss by 70%.

Vacuum insulated tubing & casing
  • Grade D, E
  • 40+ steam injection cycles
External Connection VIT & VIC
  • Connections on outer pipes
  • With Regular couplings.
Internal Connection VIT & VIC
  • Connections on inner pipes
  • Outer insulation sleeves
Vacuum Insluated Couplings
  • Reduces heat loss by 70%.Double layer structure.
  • Welded inner and outer coupling.

Sanjack has ten years’ history in vacuum insulation tubing and casing processing with advanced production equipment, complete testing methods and high-qualified inspection team. To ensure the quality of tubing products, our company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system requirements from the production process, process plan, testing methods and management system, and strictly implements Sinopec Q/SHCG 18010-2016 ” vacuum insulation tubing and casing Purchase Technical Specifications”, combine the strict management, advanced manufacturing equipment with scientific inspection methods organically, grasp the quality control of each process, there is a complete quality control system from raw material inspection to the factory Inspection.

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