Vacuum Insluation Couplings

Sanjack Petro manufactures Vacuum Insluation Couplings in China. We have our own factory of Vacuum Insluation Couplings. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Vacuum Insluation Couplings for you. Contact us now for Vacuum Insluation Couplings quotation.

  • 25 years Vacuum Insluation Couplings manufacturing experience
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In order to solve the heat loss problem occurred at VIT coupling or coupling + donut combination, Sanjack developed a new type vacuum coupling.

The heat conductivity coefficient is 60% of conventional coupling.

It is new design and patent vacuum insulated couplings.

It has two layers and vacuum annular structure.

In vacuum annular, there are warping of insulated materials to guarantee the insulation performance.

Without insulated sleeve, all tools and pumps can be loaded easily.

Vacuum Insulation Couplings Structure


Vacuum insulation couplings
Vacuum design with better insulation performance.
Optional insulation material: regular and aerogel
No sleeve and easy operation

Vacuum Insulation Couplings Parameter

Item Technical Specifications
OD 139.7mm (4 ½ )larger than regular
Length 227.4mm
Steel grade N80、L80、P110
Coefficient conductivity Ratings B、C
Thread type 4 1/2BCSG


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