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Sanjack has more than 40 years of experience in oil wellhead and wellhead valve production, with advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, can produce a variety of pressure levels, material levels, specification levels of well control equipment. After more than 20 years of development, thermal wellhead and X-mas tree has formed a variety of products, used in many oilfields in the world. Sanjack’s thermal production wellheads are mainly of the following types:

  • Conventional Steam injection and oil recovery wellhead and Christmas trees.
  • Superheated Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Single column dual-well thermal recovery oil wellhead equipment
  • Steam injection and oil recovery dual tubing wellhead and christmas tree equipment
  • BOP Steam Injection and Oil Recovery Integration Wellhead
  • Geothermal wellhead

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Performance Level

Sanjack’s thermal recovery wellhead performance level can reach PR2, gate valve are PR2 certified.

Working Temperature

The working temperature of supercritical thermal recovery wellhead can reach 390℃.

Wide Range of Application

Sanjack’s thermal recovery wellhead is suitable for land thermal recovery, offshore thermal recovery, steam injection and oil recovery integration, etc.

Long Service Life

Oil wellhead seals have a long service life and no maintenance is required for more than 4 steam huff-puff.

Conventional wellhead
  • Clamped thermal recovery
  • Flanged thermal recovery
Thermal recovery wellhead
  • Performance level PR2
  • Specification level PSL3G
Single column dual-well
  • Saving platform space
  • Injection-production integration
Dual tubing wellhead
  • Injection-production integration
  • Avoid pressure leakage
BOP Integration wellhead
  • Reduces the operation cost
  • Prevents blowout accidents
Geothermal Wellhead
  • High temperature resistant
  • Long service life

wellhead control equipment must take the hydrostatic test and strength test, like wellhead equipment, oil (gas) tree, BOP, choke and kill manifold and other petroleum machinery. Our Hydraulic test equipment can reach the max pressure 35000psi ,Test medium are water or gas, also can take the Gas seal test for PSL3G.

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Thermal Recovery Wellhead and Christmas Tree: The Complete Guide

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