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SanJack has been engaged in R & D, production and sales of tertiary oil recovery since 1996. At present, the company has formed the tertiary oil recovery technology with thermal flooding, chemical flooding and microbial flooding as the core, which can provide customers with one-stop overall solution of thermal recovery, chemical flooding and microbial flooding, and has developed a large number of high-tech tertiary oil recovery equipment. Among them, the oilfield steam injection boiler has obtained intl standards qualification, the thermal recovery wellhead has obtained intl standards qualification and PR2 certification, and the chemical flooding equipment and microbial flooding equipment have obtained Chinese national patents. SanJack’s tertiary oil recovery products are exported to major oil fields at home and abroad.

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Sanjack Petro Enhanced Oil Recovery

Sanjack Petro design & manufacture Oilfield Steam Boiler, Subcritical Steam Injection Boiler, Superheated Steam Injection Boiler, Water Treatment Device, Thermal Recovery Wellhead, Vaccum Insluation Tubing, Heavy Oil Recovery Downhole Pump, Tertiary Oil Recovery.

Why Sanjack Petro Exported

20+ Countries

  • China’s leading expert in Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • Provide complete sets of thermal recovery solutions to customers.
  • 20+ years’ experience in R&D of tertiary oil recovery technology.
  • Products + Services.
  • Establish a global after-sales service network.

How We Control Quality

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Sanjack Petro owns world-class laboratories

Metallographic test equipment
  • Hardness test.
  • Impact test.
  • Metallographic test.
  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer.
  • Wet chemical analysis
  • CMM
  • Length measuring equipment(2m).
  • Roughness measuring .
  • Piston Gauge
  • Thermocouple Calibrator

Typical Applications Of Enhanced Oil Recovery.

thermal recovery solutions albania
  • Thermal Recovery Solutions.
  • Project in Albania.
  • Oilfield Steam Boiler
  • Project in Sudan
  • Tertiary oil recovery.
  • Project in Jilin oilfield.
  • Chemical Flooding Station
  • Project in Shengli oilfield

Sanjack Petro Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects

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    Why choose Sanjack?
    Why choose Sanjack?
    • 30 years history
    • Integrated thermal recovery solutions
    • After sales service and technical support

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Commonly Asked Questions on Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Can Sanjack provide Complete Sets of Thermal Recovery Solutions?
Sanjack is a professional supplier of integrated thermal recovery solutions. We are able to design, manufacture and service all major equipment used in the thermal recovery process. The thermal recovery equipment we provide includes oilfield steam boiler, water treatment device, thermal recovery wellhead, vaccum insulation tubing and casing, thermal recovery packer, thermal recovery compensator, integrated injection-production pump. In addition to providing customers with the overall thermal recovery equipment, we can also provide steam injection services. We have a fully qualified steam injection service team, has been provide steam injection services to oilfield in China, Albania, Sudan and other countries.
What are the advantages of Sanjack’s steam injection boiler?
1). Advanced structure:  Steam injected boiler is with one-through structure and forced circulating, water tube boiler, and can be also equipped with DCS control or PLC control system for this high requirement boiler to make sure the safety operation
2). Customized product feature: one-through structure can be suitable for different pressure requirement, with fast start and fast stop, and its light weight is easy for transportation.
3). Easy to install: All the main parts, such as burner,  radiation section, convection section, water to water heat exchanger, etc., will be packaged well to transport, which is easy to install in oil field location.
4). High quality steam dryness: 80% or higher customized steam dryness to adapt different requirement.
5). Wide Fuel adapt Available: Natural Gas, Heavy oil, Light Oil (diesel), residual oil, depend on customer’s choice
6). High quality water treatment equipment: Different design based on customer’s local water quality, with different technology to guarantee the safety operation and high efficiency of steam boiler.
What scope of steam injection boiler that the Sanjack can produce for heavy oil recovery?
Sanjack Steam Injection Boiler: With evaporation capacity from 5t/h to 100t/h, and working pressure from 9.8 to 30Mpa, truck mounted and skid mounted. The commonly required evaporation capacity in the market is 9.2t/h, 11.5t/h, 15t/h, 18t/h, 23t/h, 30t/h, etc., and the most popular steam generators are the 25MMBtu/hr and 50MMBtu/hr units in overseas market.
Can Sanjack produce the water treatment equipment also?
Yes: The water treatment equipment plays a key role in successful operation of steam generation equipment, and the quality of the steam generator feeding water is of critical importance in the steam injection projects. According to the site experience, the poor quality of the feeding water will cause the scale of the boiler and serious damage of the whole steam injection operation. Thus Sanack needs to get the end user’s local feeding water quality report to make the whole operating system achieve the optimal effect.
Can Sanjack provide the after sales training about steam injection boiler?
Yes, Sanjack will surely send professional engineers to client’s site for installation and usage instruction, which is our high responsibility to guarantee our client can use our boiler properly. Besides, we also have 24 hours after sales hotline, any questions occur to our boiler, just dial the line for service support.
What types of thermal recovery wellheads can SanJack provide?
Sanjack is committed to providing customers with integrated thermal recovery solutions. Sanjack has always taken thermal wellhead as the key research and development object. At present, SanJack’s thermal recovery wellhead has 6 categories and more than 30 models. Products can meet a variety of needs including onshore, offshore, thermal recovery, injection and oil recovery. The products include conventional thermal recovery wellhead, onshore thermal recovery wellhead, offshore thermal recovery wellhead, single column dual-well thermal recovery wellhead, Steam injection and oil recovery dual tubing wellhead, BOP Steam Injection and oil recovery Integration wellhead, geothermal wellhead.
What is the failure of t vacuum insulated tubing and casing?
Failure and Warranty of Vacuum insulated tubing and casing is very important index for oilfield and clients. When clients inquire VIT and VIC, they often would like to confirm failure and warranty policy.
It requires by standard SY/T5324-2013: for old VIT after steam injection, when its thermal conductivity is greater than 0.1W/ (m·℃), It will be regarded failure.
Besides quality issue, it is mainly caused by work environment, such as high sulfur wells where pipe body and weld are corroded much higher than that in normal wells. Therefore, we recommend that customers provide detailed information of the status of the wells. According to well data of clients, we can design special VIT.
How long is the warranty and stock of the vacuum insulated tubing and casing(VIT&VIC)?
Generally, under regular service and stock condition, we can supply 6 months’ warranty in wells and 36 months for stock.
When used in well of steam stimulation, service lifespan should be 30 stimulation cycles at least.
When used in well of steam driving, service lifespan should be 24 months at least.
In warranty, SJ will change failed products free for client after receiving formal Nonconformity Report from Third Party if failure caused by quality issue of product happens.
Out Warranty, SJ also is willing to support client to solve product failure issue if client has any requirement, but cost will be covered by client.
But mostly, condition of each well is different, such as corrosion media, injection media, well temperature and Length of tubing string, which will affect failure and warranty of vacuum insulated tubing and casing.

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